Woman Wants Buttocks Enhancement; Doctor Injects Cement

We just cannot blame Kim Kardashian on this one. A Florida woman wanted to enhance her buttocks so she went to a self-proclaimed doctor, Oneal Ron Morris, who immediately went to work to give the woman the butt she’s been dreaming for. The woman’s name is not being released due to medical privacy laws.

The fix, however, was a total failure as the fake doctor injected her a concoction of cement, mineral oil and Super Glue. The woman paid $700 for the series of injections between May 3 and May 7, 2010. The fake doctor had her lay flat on her stomach while doing the injections. The woman said that she felt enormous pressure and pain during the entire process. In fact, the woman had to stop Morris before the injections were finished because she was in deep agony and pain. Morris sealed the wounds with Super Glue.

The fix nearly killed her and sent her to three different hospitals after experiencing pneumonia-like symptoms and left large, infected welts on her backside. The woman is now recovering but still undergoing home heath treatments.

Morris, a transgender woman, who police said is part of an underground network of scam artists who offer buttocks augmentations across South Florida, was arrested. She was charged with practicing medicine without a license and causing bodily harm, a second-degree felony.

The Florida Department of Health believes that there are still other victims who are just ashamed to come forward to tell their stories to authorities.

Just be happy and be thankful with what you have or if you really do need an augmentation, please check the concoction first. Cement and Super Glue? They do spell trouble.