WWE News: WWE Diva Maryse Set To Come Back To WWE Soon?


WWE has been attempting to get former stars back for some time. The last few years, people such as Chris Jericho, Batista, RVD, Brock Lesnar, and The Rock have all made comebacks. Some have even wrestled full-time while they were part of the company. However, while this seems like something the men tend to do a lot, the females do not seem to make a lot of comebacks barring Trish Stratus every once in a while.

Now it seems that this might be changing. WWE recently filed for various trademarks, including Eve Torres. There was speculation that Eve might return for a period of time to WWE a while back, but nothing has happened yet. However, WWE filing for the use of her name in all wrestling media and promotion could be. Michelle McCool has also been rumored for a return. Now it appears that yet another former Diva might be coming back, the sex symbol herself, Maryse.

For those that do not know, Maryse is married to The Miz in real life. They were together in WWE, but never actually worked with one another all that much. This time around, most would expect them to work together if she came back.

WWE.com had a poll regarding WWE power couples that included Miz and Maryse. Many saw this as idiotic, seeing as it didn’t quite make sense. However, Miz helped some fans out in hopes for his wife’s return, saying….

“Maryse & my relationship hasnt been on TV yet we are ranked as a WWE power couple Keep voting & maybe ull see #MarMiz”

What might go against the potential for her being back would be the schedule. On her way back from Kelly Kelly’s engagement party, Maryse claimed on Instagram that she did not miss the hectic WWE travel schedule.

Miz Maryse

While this might trigger some to think she is not interested in coming back, a couple factors come into play. Miz and Maryse have not been married very long, and it would make sense that she’d want to be with him. So she could come back just to spend more time with her husband alone. She also recently changed her hair color back to her classic bleach blonde.

Maryse left WWE for various reasons, but many speculated a major reasoning was WWE sort of forcing it. WWE was in the PG period at this point and Maryse came in at a time when WWE was TV-14. She was considered “too hot for PG” according to many within WWE at the time. Thus, the rumor got started that Maryse and WWE parted ways at the end of her deal because they didn’t know if she could work in the new WWE.

While this seemed sort of weird, many could believe it due to Maryse’s looks and sex appeal. Now it appears WWE Divas need a shot in the arm of this, despite the fact that WWE has several beautiful women. Maryse could get people talking and she could certainly be an asset for The Miz if nothing more. She was not used well toward the end of her WWE run in 2011, so a few years removed from this, many think she could be big on her return similar to what the Bella Twins did in their return.

Maryse is an accomplished WWE Diva, holding the WWE Diva’s Title 2 times and being one of the longer reigning champs as well. Many also consider her wrestling ability to be good, and there is a thought that she could be a big help to the current roster of Divas. For now, it is all just a rumor. Don’t be surprised if she returns in 2015 however.

[IMG Credits: fanpop.com, wrestlingmedia.com]