Brazilian Assault: Man Brutally Beats Woman With 2X4, Footage Goes Viral: (Video)

Viral videos of vicious fights are nothing new to the world of social media. However, there are cases when things go way too far. Unfortunately, this particular incident may be one of the absolute worse.

The disturbing assault of a woman recently surfaced on the Web. On Monday, Nov. 17, the footage was uploaded to World Star Uncut. In the 35-second clip a Brazilian man can be seen relentlessly beating a woman with a wooden 2×4. Although there is no verbal exchange between the man and a woman, she can be heard screaming in agony as he continues to brutally beat her.

The woman, who reportedly had her head shaved, was backed against a wall with no other choice but to endure the brutal attack. At one point in the video, it even sounds like a small child can be heard nearby.

While the reason for the attack is unknown, several users opted to put things into perspective. Apparently, in other countries, when a woman is considered a strumpet with a history of promiscuity, she can be punished in a very volatile way – like the woman who suffered in the video. However, further details regarding the attack are unknown.

The footage surfaced less than 24 hours ago, and has since gone viral with over 450,000 viewers and a staggering 11,000 comments thus far. Although some viewers found the footage disturbingly comical, others strongly opposed such harsh treatment regardless of what led to the attack.


“This is what they do to you in other countries if youre a woman and you wh–e around and you dont necassarilly have to be taken: cut your hair and make you look like a man and then beat your a– with a 2×4. And you better not get caught by the mans gf, she will F— you up gouge your face and f— it up and its gonna be a long while before you can get back into the dating game, your bf will beat your a– if he sees you got marked. LMAOOOO,” one viewer commented.

“this is unbelievable. the violence against women around the world is so disturbing, and has been going on for centuries. the man should be hung by his genitals…i don’t care what the reason for this is,” another viewer said.

“I’m sure there was a good reason for doing it,” a user named “George Zimmerman” argued.

“This video crazy as s— and what’s even crazier is the some of the mfs in the comments justifying it cause she supposedly cheated,” viewer DemonSamaJr. said.

Do you feel domestic violence is ever justifiable? Share your thoughts.

[Image(s) via World Star Uncut]