Kate Middleton Dubbed ‘Two-Kitchens Kate’ After Kensington Palace Revamp

As the Duchess of Cambridge, and a central figure in the British royal family, Kate Middleton certainly had the right to have her say when it came to the recent extensive renovations at her and Prince William’s Kensington Palace apartment.

One of the features that Kate was most adamant about, according to a report in The Telegraph, was to have a second kitchen installed as the existing one, designed by Lord Snowdon, was a little “tired,” to say the least.

“Two-Kitchens Kate” is not alone in her quest for extra space when it comes to making food for her family. Most posh mansions these days call for two kitchens, as Lochie Rankin from Lichfields property search agents said,

“At the top end of the market, it is unusual now to see a property without two kitchens. Many expensive houses have a main kitchen and a catering kitchen used by staff, often in the basement, with huge industrial-style ovens and fridge freezers.”


In fact, these days people who can afford it, even inside small London properties, often opt to spend money on a second kitchen, as Rupert Sweeting, the head of the country house department at Knight Frank, said, “The trend for two kitchens has been getting an awful lot bigger. More kitchens have arrived partly because people just don’t want dining rooms anymore.”

In Sweeting’s opinion, “British or European buyers want a large island kitchen in a luxurious living space so that he or she can cook in front of everyone and show off their culinary skills.”

A second kitchen is a luxury for anyone, but as Kate Middleton is married to the Queen’s grandson if anyone deserves one, she does. Come to think of it, if you include the recent renovations to Kate and William’s Norfolk residence, technically, Kate actually has three kitchens and not just two.