59 Grinches Arrested in Operation Whoville Sting

Everyone in Chicago likes Christmas a lot, but 59 grinches working at malls in the suburbs, did not. The grinches hated Christmas. The whole Christmas season. Police don’t know why. No one quite knows the reason. But Operation Whoville could shed some light. As 59 grinches were put in prison for the night.

According to MSNBC, the State’s Attorney Regional Organized Crime Task Force launched operation Whoville to stop a ring of retail thefts in Chicago. Investigators kept a close eye on several malls around the Chicago Land area and ended up arresting 59 grinches.

Police recovered thousands of dollars in jewelry, DVDs, and designer clothes.

Newsoxy.com reports that the grinches are known as “boosters” or professional shoplifters. They enter a store with a list of items that they know they will be able to sell quickly at a high price.

State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez said:

“These theft groups are very sophisticated. Everyone has a job to do. They have the ability to fence these items and know exactly where to take them.”

59 people were arrested during Operation Whoville and charged with felony retail theft. According to Alvarez, the retail industry loses about $30 billion annually due to theft, which leads to higher costs for consumers.

59 grinches off the streets is a great start, but Operation Whoville isn’t over yet.

Orland Park Police Chief Tim McCarthy, said:

“It was a great effort and it’s going to continue. These people who engage in this kind of activity aren’t going to know next time if we’re there watching. There’s hopefully going to be a Whoville Two.”

So who hated Christmas more? The grinch who stole Christmas robbed for the sake of being a jerk, or the 59 grinches who stole from retail stores to make money. Yep, you can’t out grinch the grinch.