Daughtry Drops ‘Break The Spell,’ Band’s Third Album

Popular rock band Daughtry, fronted by “American Idol” season 5 finalist Chris Daughtry, released its third album Monday, and the reviews thus far are spectacular.

Titled “Break the Spell,” the newest album offers a “little bit of everything” to listeners:

“From mid-tempo ballads (“Start of Something Good,” made in the image of [Daughtry’s] earlier, irresistible hit “Home”) to mid-tempo rock (“Spaceship”) to the faintest whiff of Three Doors Down (“Crazy”),” writes the Washington Post’s Allison Stewart.

USA Today’s Brian Mansfield adds:

“Break the Spell doesn’t break the Daughtry mold, but it does find the group stretching out a bit. The earnest, angst-ridden rockers are still there, in the title track and early single Crawling Back to You, but songs like Rescue Me and Gone Too Soon broaden the band’s sound.”

Daughtry, often mistakenly referred to as lead singer Chris’ solo project, have often been considered an “off-brand” of Bon Jovi, but as the Post points out, this is an unfair comparison as the group is now “making better records than the actual Bon Jovi.”

Have you had a chance to listen to Daughtry’s new album?

Check out Renegade from Daughtry’s Break the Spell, then head over to iTunes and pick up a copy of the latest album for yourself.