Justin Bieber Takes Paternity Test, Young Girls Everywhere Hold Their Breath In Anticipation

Justin Bieber stopped by a new Jersey testing facility on Friday to take a private paternity test in response to a claim by 20-year-old San Diego resident Mariah Yeater that he fathered her child during a 30-second backstage sexual encounter in October 2010.

Yeater recently pulled her paternity lawsuit but Bieber’s reps decided to move forward with the test to put all speculation to rest. Bieber has long denied Yeater’s claim.

Now that Bieber has taken the test Yeater will be required to provide her child’s DNA profile to courts and if they don’t match there’s a chance that Bieber’s legal team will sue the single mother and her lawyers for defamation after they took the case public with no actual evidence to back up their case.

Since pulling her lawsuit a male friend of Yeater has come forward with text messages in which Yeater said she was attempting to extort money from Justin Bieber while still claiming that it was her ex-boyfriend and not Bieber who fathered her child. In her text messages the male friend revealed that she was willing to pay him to delete the messages she sent about the extortion attempt.

In the meantime Justin Bieber fans have been placing death threats against Mariah Yeater, a fairly standard practice for Bieber fans who feel threatened by the “other women” in his life.

Will you be surprised to learn that Justin Bieber isn’t the father of Mariah Yeater’s child? At this point all signs point to a major case of defamation.