Neo-Nazi Party Adopts Highway In Delaware

The National Socialist Freedom Movement Nazi Party has adopted a two mile stretch of highway in Delaware. The group adopted the stretch of road using the “Adopt-A-Highway” program.

Under their new sponsorship the stretch of road now features two “adopt-a-highway” signs (as pictured above) that list the sponsors as the “Freedom Party.” When first attempting to adopt the road Neo-Nazi member Edward McBride III tried to use the name “National Socialist Freedom Movement Nazi Party” followed by “NSFM88 Nazi Party,” both which were rejected.

Speaking about the rejection of both names a representative for the state noted:

“DelDOT chose not to associate the state with the term.”

Eventually McBride’s wife applied under the name “Freedom Party” which the Delaware Department of Transportation approved.

Following the “Nazi” free “Freedom Party” name Mrs. McBride immediately said DelDOT had set a sexist double standard:

“They would rather a female do something than a male,” and gave her husband “the runaround” simply because they thought he was a skinhead.

While Mrs. McBride’s “sexist” remark is laughable what isn’t is the fact that the group will now be required to clean the highway three times each year.

Do you think it was right for DelDOT to reject the “Nazi” name from adopt-a-highway signs?