Crop Of Tablets For Kids Led By Nabi Dream Tab This Year

Oliver VanDervoort

Tablets for kids are going to be among the top Holiday gifts this year, for better or for worse. Some parents are going to be looking for these devices because they are tired of worrying about their iPads or Kindles getting broken. Other parents simply love the idea of giving their kid something that is quite versatile. Whatever the reason, it pays to figure out the best of the best of the tablets for kids before making the wrong purchase.

Leapfrog used to be the undisputed king of this particular category, thanks to the educational value of most of its products. The problem is that Leapfrog was a bit slow in copying the features that make the iPad or even the Kindle Fire so popular. Now the company has been left in the dust when talking about the absolute best tablets for kids as a Christmas gift. In its place appears to be the Nabi DreamTab line.

As Gizmag points out, this little device has plenty of power, thanks to its Tegra quad core processor but it also has material that is clearly child-centric and that makes it perfect for your son, daughter, grandson, or granddaughter this year. One of the key factors when looking at any of the possible tablets for kids this year is durability because children are simply not going to treat the device as gingerly as an adult might. The Nabi DreamTab HD8 has a rubbery red silicone cover that will allow it to survive a drop, as long as it's not from too far up or doesn't land smack dab on its screen.

The 8-inch touch screen means that its plenty big for most kids to watch their favorite program or play their favorite game. More than one parent has complained online about watching their kids squint at smaller smartphone screens and wondered whether this was doing even more damage to their eyes. Those worries go away with the Nabi DreamTab 8. This device also has its own set of toys that take advantage of NFC technology. Think of the Morpho Pods as a kind of Skylanders clone, in that the line of toys will only work on this tablet and in order to use certain characters, you must buy the toys.

When looking for tablets for kids, one that comes with its own line of toys is certainly going to take a spot at the front of the line. While some are going to be more comfortable with a more established name, the Nabi Dreamtab HD8 is quite a quality product in the tablets for kids line.