‘The Bold And The Beautiful’: When Will Brooke Logan Forrester Return To ‘B&B’?

Avid viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful have noticed by now that Brooke Logan Forrester has been off-screen for quite a while. For those who read all of the soap opera gossip regarding the comings and goings of characters on the show, you probably already have an idea as to what’s happening with Katherine Kelly Lang, who portrays the role of Brooke.

Kelly left the popular CBS soap to pursue a dance competition in Italy. The nation’s version of Dancing with the Stars is called Ballando con le stelle. Unfortunately, the actress had a not-so-good experience at first, and said as much in a Facebook post when she said that she “regrets taking time off ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ to do this so-called show ‘Ballando con le stelle.’ Thank you to everyone for all the amazing support!! I love Italy! I still have to dance in two weeks to try and get back in the running.”

Lang’s interview with Michael Fairman Soap revealed that she’ll be away from B&B for two months.

So, how is B&B handling Brooke Logan’s story line? Right now she’s helping sort things out in Milan at Forrester International and to take time finding herself. Just before she left, Brooke was telling sister, Katie, that she stole her husband, Bill, and that she didn’t know who she was anymore. It was a bittersweet moment between the two Logan sisters who went through a terrible crisis while husband swapping. Brooke wasn’t too keen on Katie hooking up with her ex, Ridge Forrester, but they got through it and are mending their relationship.

Lang announced November 3 on her Facebook page that she’ll return on the week of December 8 for The Bold and the Beautiful’s 7000th episode.

“I’ll be coming back to ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ to tape the 7000th episode the week of December 8th! Can’t wait to return to my ‘B&B’ family. Thank you for everyone’s supportive comments while I’ve been gone. Brooke Logan will be back to kick some butt (new attitude)!! :)”

So, what will Brooke Logan Forrester’s story line involve when she returns? It’s unclear if she’s coming back full-time again on The Bold and the Beautiful or she’s just doing a few episodes for now. Either way, at least fans don’t have to worry about anything happening to Brooke. She’s a central character and there’s a lot of directions writers can go with when it comes to Brooke, Bill, and Deacon. Ridge will never be entirely out of the picture, either.

[Image via Soaps Wikia]