AT&T informs users of “organized” hacking attempt

Good news and bad news, AT&T customers. First, the bad: AT&T informed users today of an “organized and systematic” attempt to collect account information from AT&T customers. The good: AT&T managed to notice the attempts in time to shut it down.

“We recently detected an organized and systematic attempt to obtain information on a number of AT&T customer accounts, including yours,” AT&T said in an e-mail to customers. “We do not believe that the perpetrators of this attack obtained access to your online account or any of the information contained in that account.”

In an email to Bloomberg, AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel said that the hackers used “auto scripts” in an attempt to find links between AT&T telephone numbers and online accounts. Siegel went on to say that only about 1% of the company’s customers were targeted in the attack.

Siegel went on to stress that, as far as AT&T is able to tell, no account data was compromised. “No accounts were breached and our investigation is ongoing to determine the source or intent of the attempt to gather this information,” he said.

Source: Bloomberg