December 15, 2020
Ashley Resch Gets Cheeky In Blush Gucci Panties & Bra: 'Peachy'

Ashley Resch shared that she was "peachy" in a sexy Instagram post on Tuesday afternoon, and her followers appeared to appreciate the revealing post.

Ashley flaunted her hourglass figure in a set of blush-colored Gucci bra and panties in the shot. The panties featured a sheer mesh material with interlocking Gs embroidered in a pattern that looked somewhat like little bows. The waistband had the designer's brand name printed on it and highlighted her slender waist and curvy hips. The cut of the underwear bared the bottom of Ashley's pert backside, showing off lots of skin, minor stretch marks, and her intricate tattoo on one hip and side.

The matching bra revealed a hint of sideboob due to the design of the cup. It consisted of a matching band around her rib cage and soft cups with straps over her shoulder. The model's blond hair hung in curls, nearly reaching the band that stretched across her mid-back.

Ashley posed while facing partly away from the camera. The angle of the shot cut off at her head, leaving the focus on her full behind.

The model's caption was a clever play on words referring to her round butt. She also revealed that the lingerie came from Sugar Peach Shop Co.

Ashley's fans appreciated her revealing photo. More than 6,050 hit the "like" button expressing their approval. Dozens also took the time to leave a positive comment, and not surprisingly, the flame and peach emoji featured heavily in the replies.

"Smoking hot, Ash. A pure natural bottom for the win," a devotee enthused, along with the fruit emoji.

"Sweet Christmas! You've got the most perfect butt I've ever seen. What a gift! This photo is priceless," a second fan gushed, adding flames, hearts, and a purple devil.

"My favorite peaches are the juicy ones, and yours is most certainly the juiciest around. Very tasty indeed, Ashley. Grade A fineness right there," a third Instagram user declared, along with several red heart-eye and blushing smilies.

"OMG! I love your perfect imperfections. You are absolutely gorgeous and amazing. This lingerie is an amazing color and cut for you," a fourth follower replied, including water droplets and a devil.

The model regularly flaunts her body in formfitting outfits and skimpy lingerie, much to the delight of those who follow her. The Inquistr previously reported that Ashley showcased some Monday motivation in a short brown romper that highlighted her hourglass figure. She paired this outfit with hiking boots.