Michelle Phan Shares Three Social Media Tips To Help Build Your Brand

Jonathan Franks

To say that YouTube superstar Michelle Phan has built a successful social media following would be a major understatement.

Michelle Phan has been able to generate a following that includes over seven million YouTube subscribers. In addition to her massive YouTube following, Phan has been able to use her social media success to establish an emerging eCommerce beauty startup, as well as her own popular line of L'Oreal products.

Business Insider reports that Michelle Phan was not always a huge success. She was actually turned down for a job in the past with the Lancome makeup counter since she did not have any sales experience. However, she was able to find her niche when it came to social media marketing and is now sharing a few key tips with the rest of the world.

"Don't feel you need to go with the most popular platform. Pick the one that has the strongest community that will support your vision."
"Social media is an ever-changing world. You want to be ready if a certain platform becomes red-hot, and you don't want someone else taking your company name as his or her handle. That does happen!"
"You need interesting content that entertains or informs — preferably both. You want people to look forward to your posts and come back for more. People want to follow you. They want to hear your words and see your vision."

[Image Credit: Pinterest]