‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: A Baby Is Born, A Proposal Is Made And Secrets Are Kept

The week of November 17 is going to be full of big developments for fans of The Young & the Restless. Spoilers indicate that a baby is born, Adam plots his return to Genoa City, and conflicts arise. What can fans expect to see go down?

The Young & the Restless spoilers from She Knows Soaps reveal that Billy and Ben will scramble and work together to figure out where Victoria is. They manage to find her trapped in the supply closet and she tells them the baby is on the way. Soon a healthy baby girl is born, but as the week continues, both Ben and Billy want to know who the father is.

Adam and Sage will marvel over his new face, as he feels confident nobody in Genoa City will realize who he is when he does return. They argue a bit over whether he should go back yet, and soon Constance comes in to fuss over him, of course thinking he’s her grandson. She talks about the crash, and how awful Adam was, and how Gabriel tried to save the man who didn’t deserve to be saved. Later Sage and Adam talk about Constance and he says that they knew this would be risky and they can’t change the rules now.

Summer and Phyllis will butt heads over all that has been going on, but they will patch things up as well. Phyllis will meet up with Jack, and she asks if he’s having doubts. She worries that she’s rushed things, but he says he feels the love and he proposes again. They go upstairs and reconnect, but later she asks about the year she was away. He says it was an awful year, but when pushed, he admits he did connect with someone though he won’t say who.

As the week continues, Kelly will want answers while Avery and Sharon butt heads. Victoria makes a big decision while Nick tries to resist temptation. The Young & the Restless spoilers from We Love Soaps reveal that Dylan will talk to Joe, while Kevin’s secret will be revealed. Later in the week, Jill will be in charge in a situation while Nick has a surprise for his family. In addition, Austin will learn some background on Summer that he wasn’t aware of before.

Will Jack manage to keep the truth about his relationship with Kelly from Phyllis? How will things play out for Victoria, Billy and Ben? Just how much will Adam stir things up when he throws himself back into the mix of things in Genoa City? Justin Hartley is really sinking his teeth into the role of Adam, and fans are curious to see what comes next. Tune in to The Young & the Restless airing weekdays on CBS to find out just where things are headed for everyone.

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