‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Faces Consequences, Julian And Britt Make Confessions

What can fans expect to see happen on General Hospital during the week of November 17? Nina is on the run with Ava’s baby, Sonny is behind bars, and “Jake” is moving in with Liz. There are a lot of developments ahead for the residents of Port Charles, and fans are anxious for some General Hospital spoilers.

According to the “Official Morgan Corinthos” Facebook page, Michael will have a request for Sonny. Apparently Sonny will decide that for the sake of his family, he’s going to tell the truth, and soon Michael will share an announcement with the Quartermaine family.

What is the big announcement? Fans will have to tune in this week to find out, but some wonder if perhaps Michael will decide to change his last name to Quartermaine to honor AJ. Whatever it is, it seems that Monica will be pleased by what he wants to do.

Sam and Patrick will overhear something from Larry on the phone, and soon they will go to Lulu to get some help. Jake makes himself at home at Elizabeth’s house and meets Cameron. Will this new living situation spark his memories to return so he can realize he’s really Jason Morgan?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Patrick will learn his fate regarding his position at the hospital, and he and Sam will share a close moment. There’s a lot going down this week regarding Anna, Obrecht, and Faison as well. The women will clash over Faison, but Anna will share some information with Lisel as well.

Someone will extend an offer to Britt and Lisel regarding Anna, and Britt will be pressured to go along with it. She apparently will confess all to Nikolas this week, and General Hopsital spoilers from She Knows Soaps reveal that Julian will be confessing plenty to Alexis this week as well.

Franco and Nina are still together, and he comforts her while she still struggles to keep it all together. Jordan and Shawn will tell TJ the truth about his father, while Ava will upset Kiki and she will later convince Silas to help her while still keeping her secret under wraps. It seems someone will try to escape this week, and General Hospital spoilers would seemingly indicate that this is in reference to Luke’s big reappearance. In addition, there is a big development for Sonny and Carly.

Will Sonny have to stay behind bars? How long will Nina manage to keep going down this path? What will happen next for Liz and Jake? There are said to be some cast changes ahead for the show, and some wonder if the current events are paving the way to these changes. Tune in to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC to find out what happens next.

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