Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta kicks off this month

Gamers eager to give Counter-Strike: Global Offensive a test drive were disappointed when Valve announced earlier this month that the beta had been delayed, but it looks like fans won’t have to be disappointed for much longer.

Over on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Twitter account, Valve revealed that the beta is expected to kick off on November 30 for anyone who has received a key through various promotions, events, or through an invite straight from Valve.

Valve also noted in the feed that the beta will start with only two maps, de_dust and de_dust2, and will only be available initially to those who already have a key. For those of us not fortunate enough to have a key yet, Valve promises more opportunities to get into the beta lie ahead, and there will even be a full-on open beta down the line.

The beta was originally scheduled to launch for a select few back in October, but Valve had to hold off on the beta due to feedback received from competitive Counter-Strike players at several events.

Valve has set no date for when the full version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be released. The beta is expected to last through several months, and as more and more people are invited into it, more and more changes and additions will be added in. The goal, apparently, is to keep adding things in, collecting feedback, and then releasing it when Valve feels it’s ready.

Source: Valve (via Joystiq)