Emily Kinney Wears Her Love For Daryl Dixon On Her Butt, Talks ‘The Walking Dead’ Romance [Spoilers]

Emily Kinney fans might be worried about Beth Greene’s fate on The Walking Dead. However, if Kinney’s character has already been killed off, the adorable actress isn’t letting Beth’s death quash her enthusiasm for The Walking Dead.

Emily Kinney recently gave Bethyl shippers something to squee about by showing her love for Daryl Dixon on Instagram. According to Business 2 Community, Kinney shared a photo of herself rocking a pair of short shorts emblazoned with Daryl’s name. She informed her fans that she was wearing the shorts in honor of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead.

“A sexy pic of my bum to celebrate all new TWD tonight!! I [heart] Daryl, I [heart] TWD #twdfamily #bumpic”

Emily Kinney Daryl Dixon Shorts

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) attempted to locate Beth on tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead. Because Caryl didn’t share any romantic moments, Bethyl shippers might be holding out hope that Beth and Daryl will decide that they’re madly in love before this season on the show is over. Some Instagram commenters even saw Emily Kinney’s Daryl Dixon shorts as a hint of a romance to come.

However, what Emily Kinney had to say during a recent Zap2it interview won’t make Bethyl fans very happy. Kinney seems to think that shippers overreact to some of the interactions between male and female characters on The Walking Dead.

“I think that it’s interesting that people are so quickly pairing people together when hardly anything will happen. Compared to other shows, all we have to have is a look, and then all of the sudden there’s all this, ‘Oh my God, they must be in love with each other.'”

However, Emily was quick to say that she doesn’t think that fans are silly or stupid for wanting to see Walking Dead characters fall in love.

“It’s cool when people care so much about the characters that they do want to see them in love and they do want to see them do fun things beside just survive.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Beth Greene might not ever get a chance to find true love during the zombie apocalypse. Emily Kinney hasn’t been seen on The Walking Dead set since the midseason finale finished filming, so Beth might die before the second half of season 5. Perhaps, then Maggie will finally feel bad about not being more concerned about her little sister’s whereabouts.

Daryl Dixon might not get to be Beth Greene’s knight in shining armor, but it was already revealed that Carol also ends up being kidnapped by the crazy hospital people. Maybe he’ll rescue his friend again, and perhaps Caryl fans will be the ones cheering by the end of this season.

What do you think of Emily Kinney’s shorts? Do you totally want a pair to wear while you watch Daryl Dixon destroy walkers (and steal hearts) every Sunday night?

[Image credits: AMC, Emily Kinney/Instagram]