Lady Gaga’s Old Apartment For Rent in NYC, Cheap

Well, cheap for Manhattan.

The one-bedroom, Lower East Side former apartment of inimitable pop star Lady Gaga has hit the competitive New York City real estate market, and is available to takers for a relatively modest $1,850 a month. While the rent rate might stimulate sticker shock in suburban folk, the one-bedroom LES digs that Lady Gaga called home early in her career are actually going at a fairly reasonable rate for real estate in Manhattan.

Of course, the rent at 176 Stanton Street has gone up since Gaga- real name Stefani Germanotta- called the apartment home years ago, when it was rented for a staggeringly low $1,100 a month. The quirky star attempted to visit her old home back in February when she did an interview with Anderson Cooper, but the apartment’s current resident did not want to allow cameras into the space when Gaga came a-knocking.

The singer talked about her time in the apartment when speaking to MTV a while back, describing her impetus to live and work on the Lower East Side before she was an international, meat-dress-wearing celebrity:

“It was like I had to go lick the ground [on the LES] for a few years to understand New York City and a whole different side of the pavement,… I wanted to live alone — live in solitude with my music,” Gaga said of her time in the neighborhood. “I wanted to read poetry and be overly dramatic about everything and that’s what I did.”

Manhattan broker CitiHabitats is handling the rental.