Taran Killam: SNL Vet Nails Matthew McConaughey Impersonation [Video]

If Matthew McConaughey watched his longtime buddy Woody Harrelson hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, chances are that he probably laughed the most during the Weekend Update segment where he and Woody Harrelson were featured behind the desk.

The problem is that Matthew McConaughey was not actually there on the SNL set on Saturday night. However, with the extremely talented SNL veteran Taran Killam impersonating him, it was just like the Interstellar actor was there the whole time.

Taran Killam has been known for nailing quite a few celebrity impersonations — such as when he was the star of the show during the “Carrey Family Reunion” sketch a few weeks ago when Jim Carrey returned as SNL host for the third time.

He has also been known for doing a flawless impersonation of Brad Pitt, as well as many other famous celebrities. However, he proved on Saturday that one of his very best impersonations is that of Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey.

As you watch the video, you will probably notice that Woody Harrelson did not need to do very much at all during the Weekend Update segment. Even though he had a few great lines, Taran Killam as Matthew McConaughey definitely stole the show — especially when it came to his dramatic interpretation of a scene from the classic Super Mario Bros game.

What do you think? Did Taran Killam nail his impersonation of Matthew McConaughey beautifully, or was the performance just mediocre at best?

[Image Credit: HitFix]