Nazi Christmas Decorations Up For Sale Spark Outrage

Karlene Trudell

A set of Nazi Christmas tree decorations being offered for sale on a Czech auction site have stirred controversy online and in the Czech Republic.

The seller of the ornaments claims they are "original SS Christmas tree decorations used over 70 years ago" by the Nazis, and has listed them on the Czech auction site, Aukro, for £59 -- or approximately $92 U.S.

"I offer Christmas decorations of SS units," the listing states. "The decorations are authentic and not damaged."

"They are made of blown glass and they are in original colours and good condition. These are very precious pieces," the seller continues. "The offer is for collecting purposes only.

The red and blown glass decorations feature a white circle emblazoned with a black swastika. According to, the seller describes them as "fancy" and "luxury" items created for the SS tropes during World War II.

The swastika is a universally recognized symbol of the Nazi rein of terror. Adopted as the centerpiece of the German Nazi Party flag, badge, and armbands by Adolf Hitler in 1920, it has since been used as a symbol of the white supremacy movement.

The ornaments have sparked outrage in the Czech Republic, which was annexed by the Nazis in 1938 and subjected to Hitler's oppressive rule until the end of World War II. The Daily Mail is reporting comments on the auction sites Facebook page by many who find the sale of the decorations offensive and "disgraceful."

"It makes me sick," said one woman. "My grandad would cry if he saw this. It is incredible that we have something like this here now."

"This is is absolutely disgraceful," another woman wrote. "My grandparents fought in the resistance against the Nazis and remember the atrocities committed by the SS. The SS could sit around and have fun at Christmas with their pretty baubles while thousands were being tortured and murdered by them. These disgusting decorations should be destroyed, not preserved."

"Are you kidding me?" a man commented. "I would forbid it."

The owner of the Christmas decorations defended the sale by saying, "I declare that I am not a member of any movement aimed at suppressing human rights and freedoms or the movement which support national, racial or class hatred to other group of people. I don't support movements like the SS either."

Any reference to the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis still stirs strong emotions in many, as the Inquisitr reported when social media users took offense to the Nazi symbolism used in a recent Nicki Manaj music video.

Do you find these Christmas tree decorations offensive?

[Images via Complex and Mail Online]