‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Daryl And Carol Sleep Together, But How Romantic Is It? [Video]

The Walking Dead is going to be all about Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier tonight, but will Caryl shippers get to see their favorite couple cuddling, kissing, or copulating?

According to Spoiler TV, Daryl and Carol will be forced to talk to each other more than they ever have before on The Walking Dead. The pair’s search for Beth will take them to Atlanta, and their quest is going to take a little time and patience — the city is an extremely dangerous place full of walkers, so they’ll need to find a safe place to rest and plot their next move. Luckily, they’ll find the perfect shelter to temporarily shack up in.

In “Consumed,” Caryl will have three deep conversations. One will be about Carol killing Karen and David at the prison, and another will be about who they once were, and who they have become while trying to survive in a strange new world. Writer Romain Ossust called this talk his “favorite scene ever on The Walking Dead.”

Caryl will share a bed in “Consumed,” but their shippers shouldn’t get too excited — the couple will be clothed, and there will be no cuddling. While Carol Peletier and Daryl Dixon do share some meaningful moments, none of them have a romantic vibe. There’s also no noticeable sexual tension between Carol and her Pookie. This news might make Bethyl shippers feel better, but, as the Inquisitr previously reported, Beth Greene’s days are likely numbered — Daryl will have to profess his feelings fast if he ever sees Beth again.

The Walking Dead will continue doing what it did last week, and the week before, by focusing solely on one small segment of the split-up group of survivors. Besides Carol and Daryl, the only other living people that will be seen in “Consumed” are three males. The Spoiling Dead Fans reports that one of these characters will be Beth’s new friend, Noah, and the others will be cops from the hospital where Beth is being held captive.

There’s been some speculation that Daryl is burning Beth Greene’s body in the promo below, but this isn’t the case — it’s likely the body of a child. The deaths of Mika, Lizzie, and Sophia will be brought up in “Consumed,” and her encounter with the child walker will probably make Carol think of the kids and the terrible ways they lost their lives. You can also catch a quick glimpse of Carol and Daryl in bed together in the teaser.

Here are a few other quick spoilers about tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead: Daryl will lose something near and dear to him, there will be two car crashes, Caryl will have a conversation about art, Noah will tell them about the hospital and Beth, and there will be a few Carol flashbacks. Are you looking forward to seeing Daryl and Carol’s excellent adventures?

[Image credit: AMC]