Chicago Bears Receiver Earl Bennett: Ditch Orange Shoes Or Face Suspension

Earl Bennett won’t be wearing his trademark orange shoes with orange cleats when his team takes to the field at 3:15pm today, that’s because NFL officials have threatened to further fine Bennett and possibly kicked him out of the game if they are worn.

Last week Bennett was fined $10,000 for wearing orange shoes and officials have now told ESPN that he will not be allowed onto the field if he wears the shoes again.

Bennett received his “uniform violation” while playing against the Detroit Lions last Sunday and now he has acknowledged that further violations could cause issues for his team. In a statement about the situation Bennett told ESPN 1000 that the fine level would continue to increase and therefore he won’t take his chances.

Prior to tonight’s game Bennett was seen practicing in normal black cleat and a noticeable lack of orange design which carried over into his teams game against the San Diego Chargers.

Bennett missed five games this season due to a chest injury against the New Orleans Saints in Week 2, he current has 14 catches for 196 yards.

Do you think the league has went to far in keeping orange shoes and cleats off Bennett’s feat?