Tired Of Weight Loss Fads? Here are 9 Simple Ways To Lose Weight Naturally

Not everyone wants to deal with fad diets and stringent weight loss regimes. The good news is there are actually natural, simple ways to help you lose weight without giving up too much of the good stuff.

1. Start your day with breakfast: Studies have shown that a person who eats breakfast is less likely to overeat during the day.

2. Add a little spice to your life: Spices such as cayenne, ginger, horseradish, and cinnamon can boost your metabolic rate. Additionally, just one teaspoon of mustard can increase your metabolism significantly for up to three hours.

3. The magic of seaweed and its link to weight loss: Vegetables of the sea are high in iodine, which keeps the thyroid gland from becoming inactive. This inactivity is one cause of weight gain – so just adding about two tablespoons of seaweed to salads and soups can make a difference.

4. Lose weight with pears: According to a study at the University Of Rio De Janeiro that was published in the journal Nutrition, women who ate three pears a day consumed fewer total daily calories and lost more weight than those who didn’t. Rich in fiber (one pear packs 15 percent of your daily recommended amount), pears help you feel full and keep you from overeating. Keep in mind, though, that the most beneficial fiber in pear is in its skin.

5. Treat yourself to some beans: Navy beans are packed with resistant starch, which is a powerful fat burner. Just one half-cup serves up nearly 10 grams of resistant starch. According to researchers at the University of Colorado, eating at least one meal a day that is rich in resistant starch will burn 25 percent more fat than otherwise.

6. Lose weight with a handful of almonds: Research published in the International Journal of Obesity suggests that eating a handful of almonds a day, along with a healthy diet, might help to get rid of excess fat. Participants of the study who ate almonds daily for six months lost 18 percent of their body fat.

7. Grapefruit keeps weight gain at bay: This fruit is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, lycopene and fiber – and also detoxifies and can help you to lose weight. A study has found that drinking grapefruit juice when eating fatty food lowers the amount of weight put on by up to a fifth. The research also suggested that grapefruit could be as good as prescription drugs at keeping blood sugar levels under control – a key part of managing diabetes.

8. Suppress hunger and feel good doing it: Keep your stomach from grumbling with daily doses of St. John’s Wort (900 milligrams), 5-HTP (300 to 600 mg), and evening primrose oil (3 grams). These suppress hunger and help lift your mood by stimulating serotonin.

9. Punctuate your meals with a cup of green tea: By having a cup of green tea after each meal, you can enjoy some benefits of weight loss. Green tea contains caffeine and antioxidant catechins to promote thermogenesis, the process by which the body converts fat into energy.