Children With High IQ Scores Get High Later In Life [Study]

If you’re children score high on IQ tests or excel easily in school based learning activities there’s a good chance they will smoke marijuana and possibly try other drugs later in life according to a new survey.

The new study took a look at 8,000 British citizens born in 1970 and they found that five-year-olds who scored high IQ scores were more likely to try marijuana by age 16, while high IQ scores by the age of 30 were 46% more likely to try various amphetamines (in the last year) and 65% more likely to have tried ecstasy at least once.

The study also examined women at the age of 30 and found that they were twice as likely to have used marijuana or cocaine in the past 12-months.

In the study one researcher revealed:

“High-IQ individuals have also been shown to score highly on tests of stimulation seeking and openness to experience.”

The researcher hypothesizes that “illegal drugs are better at fulfilling a desire for novelty and stimulation.”

The study also found that many high IQ scoring individuals may turn to drugs as they become bored or get teased by their less intelligent peers.

I recall in college that many of my friends with photographic memories and perfect grade point averages partook in drug fueled nights, at least on the surface that’s enough proof in my mind to validate this type of study.

Do you know anyone with a high IQ who tends to turn their attention towards drug use when they are bored? Do these results surprise you?