WWE News: CM Punk And AJ Lee Celebrate Marriage On Twitter This Week

Jon Fisher

Two of the most controversial figures in professional wrestling, even though one-half isn't wrestling, are the cutest couple outside of the ring, and wanted to let the public know about it. CM Punk and AJ Lee tied the knot a little over six months ago. It was a private ceremony that few were allowed to attend. There was only one picture that made it out alive, which showed the happy couple at their reception.

Punk and Lee are relatively quiet on social media, so this next news update is a shocking one. On Twitter, both jubilant humans took to the social media realm to announce their six-month anniversary of being a married couple.

— Coach (@CMPunk) November 13, 2014

— A.J. (@WWEAJLee) November 13, 2014

Currently, Punk's tweet to his wife has over 3,000 favorites and retweets. That's not all that important, but there are those that keep track of that kind of stuff. So, if you are counting at home, Punk's tweet went viral, sort of. Either way, give credit to both of them for going public with their marriage for the first time. Remember, neither of them said or did anything about it on social media to make it known that they are married.

If a WWE fan weren't on social media, he or she wouldn't have known about their nuptials. Now that is technically official, will the WWE do anything about her tweet to her husband? That will never happen. She retweeted about his partnership with Marvel Comics too and there were no repercussions. The WWE is not an evil company, but they do try to censor their employees' social media habits.

Luckily for Lee, she doesn't tweet about how his happiness away from WWE is the best thing to happen to him, or she never RT's a fictitious tweet about Chris Benoit. Lee is very intelligent when it comes to social media. Tweeting about her happiness with her husband is nothing short of cute and the WWE understands that. If my memory serves me right, she still wears her wedding ring in the ring. The WWE cannot stop her from doing so.

In short, CM Punk is happy and so is his wife, AJ Lee. Maybe for the next Raw they can chant, "AJ Lee," instead of, "CM Punk."

[Image via rantsports.com]