These Kids Sleeping Peacefully With Dogs Show Just How Great The Species Is

Throughout the ages, dogs have stood by man and helped him in his quests. Dogs have been the ultimate companion to us humans, and with their unflinching loyalty, they have earned out utmost trust. There is no animal with which, we humans, have developed such an understanding and deeply bonded relationship, and that is why we can trust our canine companions to watch over our helpless toddlers and kids with the same conviction that you would lay on your elder generation.

These photos of kids sleeping peacefully with dogs, shows just how well even the little ones trust them.



ASPCA science advisor Dr. Stephen Zawistowski tells us that dogs are fiercely loyal simply because they evolved as pack animals.


When dogs gradually moved into our homes, they began seeing us as their pack, and the same bond and loyalty that dogs have for each other was extended to us humans too.


However, many animal behaviorists caution that, though the breed in general can be considered loyal, a dog should see its owner as a firm, self-confident, calm, and fair leader, respect his or her authority to lay down the law and do so with trust.


The powerful bond with a dog, must be forged with patience and perseverance. To do so, not only should the dog be trained correctly, but the owner should devout himself to understand his furry companion’s needs.


If a person is a mean pushover or inconsistent or even shows weak authority, there will be no respect and the dog will run rings round the person, picking and choosing what he is told to do and this can get pretty confusing.


This happens when the dog thinks his owner has relinquished his control over him. Under worst circumstances, the dog might try to place himself even above his owner in the household.


Just like a child, a dog too needs to feel and understand that he is in a safe environment and this assurance, once established, helps the dog extend his armor towards the family like a shield.


Despite the seemingly apparent direction of hierarchy, dogs can get pretty territorial, and it is in the best interest of the parents to make the dog understand that the kid is just another loving addition to the family or in case of the dogs, the pack.


However, the most important aspect to consider is that no dog is pre-programmed to be ruthless, and with love and care, any pup can become a greatly loyal and loving dog, no matter the ancestry.


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