December 18, 2020
Tahlia Skaines Puts Ample Cleavage On Display In New Selfies

On December 18, Tahlia Skaines took to her Instagram page to tease her 566,000 followers with a flirty new update. The Aussie influencer posted not one but four photos of herself flaunting her ample assets in a skimpy bikini top.

Tahlia uploaded a collage of four pictures. In the first photo, the babe held her mobile device in her right hand as she extended her arm away from her body to get the best angle possible. Meanwhile, her other hand was under her chin. She smiled brightly, showing off her pearly whites while staring into the lens.

The second picture to the right showed the hottie looking straight into the camera while holding the phone in both hands. The image below that one featured Tahlia in a similar stance, giving her best smile. The bottom left picture captured her being a little goofy. She pouted her lips and raised her left arm, making a sign with her fingers.

In the snapshots, Tahlia rocked a tiny black bikini top. From the view, she appeared to be at home. The space was bright, with natural light illuminating the whole area and her curves.

The garment's plunging neckline displayed a great deal of décolletage and cleavage. Thin straps went behind her neck for support, and the skimpy cut of the top put some sideboob on show as well.

Tahlia styled her platinum blond hair with a center part and pulled it back into a bun. She accessorized with a pair of gold hoop earrings and several rings. For the occasion, she wore her long nails in a French manicure.

In the caption, Tahlia wrote about her teeth and recent cosmetic dental procedures she received. She also noted the dentist who helped her achieve the changes which she's very happy with.

In addition to racking up over 2,800 likes, the update has also pulled in more than 40 comments in just a few hours of going live on the social media platform. Some of Tahlia's social media followers took to the comments section to let her know she looked gorgeous. Countless other admirers gushed over her tantalizing assets. Still others seemed to be struggling with words and instead chose to express their admiration with a trail of emoji.

"WOW. I can't believe it. You actually improved on perfection. Honey, you really are one of God's most beautiful creations," a fan commented.

"You look so beautiful," gushed another follower.