‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules’ Final Pick — A Playboy Model With A Criminal Past?

Bachelor Chris Soules will soon be presenting a final rose to one of the final four ladies, but there is one contestant who may stand out from the others — but not for all the right reasons. Reality Steve recently spoiled that the final four rose ceremony was filmed in Dubuque, Iowa, on November 6, with Chris giving out roses to his final three picks prior to heading to the next stop: the overnight dates and the final rose ceremony.

There is speculation that Chris’ final three may include 27-year-old Jade Roper. If Reality Steve‘s spoilers are correct, the handsome farmer from Arlington, Iowa, may have his hands full if he proposes to the brunette beauty — it seems that she isn’t quite as wholesome as one would expect the future Mrs. Soules to be.

Lincoln, Nebraska, radio station KX96 posted on their Facebook page that contestant Jade Roper is a “real Nebraska girls girl” — whatever that means. Once her name leaked out, Reality Steve dished out some rather unsavory information about Jade, someone he thinks may be one of Chris’ final picks.

Jade reportedly posed for Playboy Amateur and, as a result, has a racy three-minute video and more than a dozen nude photos online. According to her personal website, she was “approached by Playboy casting directors” and accepted their offer to “pose for the brand’s website.”

“Playboy is the iconic essence of female beauty… I’ve always wanted to be a part of it.”

Her “stage” name is apparently “Jade Elizabeth,” and the all-nude photos from the Playboy Amateur shoot are free to view online. Did Bachelor producers picke Jade knowing her past would make for a more interesting season? Could be.

“… Jade is not shy about showing the whole world her goodies for free… a quick ‘Jade Roper Nude’ Google image search will show you everything you need to know. These are free to view for anyone who has a computer…”

If Jade’s racy Playboy photos aren’t enough to get fans gossiping, Reality Steve reports that she also has a criminal past. Granted, Bachelor Chris Soules has an arrest record, but the charges against Jade Roper go beyond a DUI. The charges reportedly span from 2004 to 2011, and include a DUI, minor in possession to sell/dispense alcohol, two counts of theft, a insignificant traffic citation and, in 2011, a charge for shoplifting under $300 that was eventually dismissed.

Does Jade Roper make it to the final three or was she sent home after hometown dates? Reality Steve states that she doesn’t make it past the hometowns and is sent home without getting to show off her Playboy moves in the Fantasy Suite. Click here to find out who wins the Bachelor’s final rose.

[Images: BachelorABC Twitter, JadeRoper.com]