Kristin Chenoweth: Actress Claims Kim Kardashian Ruined Her Day -- Here's How

Jonathan Franks

Kristin Chenoweth appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday to promote her album, but she also had a chance to talk about Kim Kardashian while she did it.

The comment came shortly after David Letterman showcased the cover art for her upcoming live album, Coming Home. The cover features Kristen Chenoweth in a seated position on stage facing her audience.

One of the biggest features of the impressive cover that stick out the most is Kristin's butt. When explaining the album cover in detail, Kristin Chenoweth subtly mentioned Kim Kardashian while pointing to her own butt in the picture.

"The name of the album is 'Coming Home' and d*mmit if Kim Kardashian didn't ruin my day today."

It was obvious that Kristin Chenoweth made the comment jokingly and did not mean any disrespect by it. However, she did achieve her obvious goal of getting a good laugh from the audience with her punchline - especially when she named her buttocks "Dumb and Dumber."

Kristin was clearly referencing the now-viral pictures from Paper Magazine of Kim Kardashian showing off her bare butt and naked body, which were released online earlier this week.

Kristin Chenoweth explained that the primary concept of the album cover was to focus on the actual crowd of people from her hometown -- including her parents who were sitting in the front row of the theater, which is also named after the 46-year-old actress.

However, as David Letterman quipped, that is not what most people are going to see when they look at the album cover.

"Yeah, but as a consumer, nobody's looking at the people from your hometown."

Kristin Chenoweth's live album Coming Home will be released on Monday, November 17.

[Image Credit: Broadway World]