Ben Affleck Makes Full Frontal ‘Gone Girl’ Joke In Front Of Famous Ex [Video]

Ben Affleck and the rest of Hollywood gathered together when you weren’t looking for the Hollywood Film Awards. Now that everyone has seen the viral video of Johnny Depp drunkenly slurring his speech on stage, here’s the second greatest moment to come from the awards on Friday night.

The Gone Girl actor walked up on stage to accept the award for David Fincher’s film from Ron Howard. While on stage, Affleck, whose always been self-deprecating, went on to mention that he bumped into Howard in the men’s room. This exchange was televised, but more importantly, was in front of his ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez, who also slurred her words on stage at one point during the night.

As Affleck accepted the award on behalf of the film’s director, he just couldn’t help himself from making a joke about his highly publicized blink and you’ll miss it full frontal scene.

“If you’re going to have one chance for America to see your junk, you want it to be cold.”

Affleck spent most of the time just pulling punches in Fincher’s direction, who is known for his meticulous and difficult way of directing actors. According to Affleck, the reason the director couldn’t make it to accept the award at the ceremony was because he was still shooting Gone Girl, which has been out in theaters since October.

“Just one or two more takes, we’re gonna have it,” joked Affleck.

As for Ben’s ex Jennifer Lopez, she posted some support for Affleck on Twitter by taking a photo of her feet in a movie theater while catching his latest film Gone Girl.

Prior to talking about his full frontal nudity at an award show, Affleck was up for joking about the headline grabbing appendage back in September.

“Director David [Fincher] said to me from the beginning, ‘This is a warts and all movie. It can have no vanity. You have to see the naked underbelly of this character.’ The penis is in there! It costs extra. It’s IMAX penis! You’ve gotta pay fifteen bucks to see it in 3-D. It looks better in 3-D. You should know it was very cold. It was a very cold set. It was freezing. It was subzero.”

[Image via Twentieth Century Fox]