Digg Prepares For Job Cuts, Expanded Sales Focus

On the heels of Microsoft’s layoffs announcement, Digg has now announced it is preparing to cut positions from its staff as well.

Digg CEO Jay Adelson says the company will “take a more conservative approach to [its] expansion plans and aggressively focus on reaching profitability within the year.” As for what that means for jobs, Adelson says the following:

“This means we’ll be taking proactive measures to manage our costs including a headcount reduction in certain areas that are less core to this year’s objectives while continuing to hire for roles that will help build on our leadership position and get us to profitability faster. This includes hiring a direct sales team, in addition to other targeted hires in 2009.”

Digg, you may remember, announced a major expansion plan last September to coincide with its $28.7 million in fresh funding. The plan included the creation of 75 new positions and a move to a new office.

It’s not clear how many positions will now be eliminated, though rumors suggest the figure may be in the 10 percent range.

Adelson says his focus for the coming months will be on expanding Digg’s features, building its advertising infrastructure, and further developing its partnership with Microsoft.