November 15, 2014
Ferguson Police Radio Recording Details Darren Wilson's Movements Before Michael Brown Shooting [Video]

The Ferguson police department has released the Michael Brown shooting audio recording. Comments between Darren Wilson and police dispatcher detail how the encounter between Darren Wilson and the teenager unfolded. The Mike Brown shooting occurred on August 9, and was followed by both some peaceful protests and extensive rioting and looting in the St. Louis suburb.

The Michael Brown shooting audio recording begins with the Ferguson police dispatcher alerting officers that a "stealing in progress" had occurred at the QuikTrip, a local market. The dispatcher heard on the audio recording then says that a black male wearing a white T-shirt had stolen a box of cigars.

Mike Brown's friend, Dorian Johnson, was also described in detail by the police dispatcher – allowing Darren Wilson to know at least a rough description of the age, physical build, and clothing worn by the two young men. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Dorian Johnson had been charged with filing a false police report.

Dorian Johnson was interviewed by multiple media outlets after the Mike Brown shooting by Darren Wilson in Ferguson. Johnson's false police report charge stem from a 2011 incident and not the Mike Brown shooting. A background check was run on the teen seemingly described in the Ferguson police dispatch audio recording by ABC 17 News. The report revealed Dorian Johnson's police record, casting doubt upon the statements he made about how the Michael Brown shooting by Darren Wilson unfolded.

At the time Wilson shot Brown, a warrant for theft was still active against Johnson. The arrest warrant, from the same year as the false police report filing charge, was issued in Jefferson City, Missouri. Johnson has not yet been charged in relation to the theft of the Swisher Sweets cigars from the Ferguson QuikTrip. Johnson's attorney told CNN that not telling reporters that he had just robbed the store as a "lie of omission" and that the teenager had no duty to reveal that fact to anyone but the police.

According to the Ferguson shooting audio recording, Darren Wilson radioed the station at noon, stating that he had just finished at a scene involving a sick baby and asked if the officer at the QuikTrip needed any additional assistance. Two minutes later, Wilson asked for "another car" and said he was "on Canfield with two" – referencing a street near where the Mike Brown shooting occurred.

The Ferguson police officer's statement to the police dispatcher "triggered at least two officers to head his way, including one who said he was close to Wilson," the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. Darren Wilson told investigators that he encountered Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson walking in the middle of the street, a statement which appears to coincide with Johnson's comments to the media right after the fatal shooting.

"There's gonna be a problem," a Ferguson police officer told dispatch on the audio recording when requesting additional units for backup. An unidentified police officer asked where the "other one" went, in an apparent reference to Dorian Johnson. Moments later, the dispatcher was asked to send a supervisor to the scene. At 12:05, the dispatcher called for an ambulance to be sent to the scene and mistakenly reported that an individual had been Tasered. More police backup was asked for and received, once again.

Two hours after the Michael Brown shooting, video tape from the Ferguson police station shows Darren Wilson and a union lawyer leaving the department and going to the hospital.

What do you think of the Michael Brown shooting audio recording? Does it make you think Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson should be indicted or have any pending charges dismissed?

[Image via: James Keivom/New York Daily News]