‘The Voice’ Has A Top 12, But Which Front-Runners Failed To Make The Cut?

During Wednesday night’s airing of the popular singing competition The Voice, the four coaches were left to make some tough decisions.

America’s eight picks included some surprising choices, but viewers trusted the Voice judges to make the right call for rounding out the Top 12.

The last-minute additions took a turn that some observers weren’t expecting. Some cuts were shocking, leading to a bit of backlash as supposed favorites went home.

For instance, Voice coach Blake Shelton deviated from his country artist formula of past seasons sharply. When given the choice between country singers Taylor Brashears and James David Carter and quirky pop artist Jessie Pitts, Pitts won out.

Meanwhile, Pharrell Williams surprised by going with personal favorite Sugar Joans over young Elyjuh René. Even fellow Voice coach Adam Levine called René “a front-runner.”

Unfortunately for the talented teen, neither The Voice voters nor Williams agreed with the sentiment.

But perhaps the biggest upset of the night came in the closing seconds of the result show.

The Voice was live, and in order to avoid running over-long, host Carson Daly rushed Adam Levine, demanding an immediate decision before the show went off.

With practically no time to justify or explain his decision, Levine picked Chris Jamison. Apparently it was a “gut decision”, but it sent Taylor Phelan home.

Discussion occurring on the official Facebook page for The Voice or comment sections for articles discussing the results seem to suggest that this was THE most controversial cut of the evening.

Perhaps Phelan went home due to America taking his ride into the Top 12 for granted. If a contestant isn’t picked by voters, then there’s a chance the coach will rescue a favorite. With this in mind, why would Adam Levine pass on Voice perceived front-runner Taylor Phelan?

Lyndsey Parker at Reality Rocks had an interesting theory.

“Adam may have had some strategy in mind, hoping to clear a path for his other indie boy, Matt McAndrew.”

Matt McAndrew had the second highest number of votes (after team member Damien), thanks to Voice audience members approving strongly of his version of the Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows.”

It could be that Levine realized that Taylor Phelan wasn’t quite the catch that he’d initially thought he was, and decided to let him go. No doubt viewers will be hoping for a more detailed explanation on a future episode.

Season 7 of The Voice has produced a rather unique Top 12, with no two singers sharing the exact vocals or personal style.

The results that sent eight Voice hopefuls home may prove to be an important wake-up call.

When it comes to The Voice and similar voter-driven singing competitions, only continuous voting will determine who’s safe and who will leave the show.

Did you agree with America’s choices for The Voice? Which contestant do you think a Voice coach should have saved?

[Image Credit: The Official Facebook Page For The Voice]