December 19, 2020
Camila Bernal Put Her Ample Assets On Full Display In Thong Bikini

Camila Bernal continues to upload tantalizing content for her 1.4 million followers on her Instagram page. With her latest offering, which went live on Saturday, the Bogota, Colombia-born model and influencer provided two close-up pictures that put her ample assets front and center.

The 23-year-old wore a scanty thong bikini in both rear-view shots, leaving little doubt about the size and curvature of her famous money-maker. Although she was snapped from behind, Bernal had contorted her upper body to the point that her perky bust could be seen as well.

Her caption -- which was translated from Spanish to English via Google -- stated that it was better alone. The positive fan response to the upload indicated a level of approval for seeing the buxom beauty as the sole focal point of the share. In just 30 minutes, the slideshow had inspired hundreds of comments.

"Wow," exclaimed one user. "You make my Saturday."

"Most gorgeous woman ever in the world @caamibernaal [fire emoji]," a second supporter declared.

"Best cakes on the Earth," wrote a third follower.

"Damn look at that," a fourth fan added of Bernal's posterior.

The model's fans further expressed their delight by double-tapping the post. Over the same short time frame, it had accrued almost 10,000 likes.

Bernal appeared to be enjoying the waves in the upload as she was documented on a boat with an oceanic expanse and clear skies visible in the background. Their blue and cyan hues provided a remarkable canvas for her voluptuous, sun-kissed physique.

The social media star wore a pair of stylish, wide-framed sunglasses as she peered over her left shoulder and into the camera's lens. She sported a gray bucket hat, although her lengthy, golden-brown locks flowed out from under its curved brim, blanketing her back. Additionally, her full lips curled into a subtle, yet suggestive smile in both pictures.

With one hand clutching a support railing in front of her, Bernal used the other to gingerly caress her cheek and upper thigh on the left side. Her bountiful booty was completely bare save for the shiny, patterned piece of fabric that was her thong. Her back was largely uncovered as well, with only the thin, black straps of her top crossing its breadth.

While her thick figure and exaggerated attributes were on full display in her latest post, Bernal had similarly showcased her curves just one day earlier with a spicy snap that showed her sporting a metallic, skintight party dress.