First major Battlefield 3 patch arrives on PC next week

DICE has been talking about a patch for Battlefield 3 ever since the game released, but we heard very little on what to expect in the patch and when to expect it to release.

That all changed today thanks to a blog post over on the Battlefield blog, which says that we can expect the first major patch for Battlefield 3 to arrive on PC next week. Console gamers will be getting the patch as well, but due to certification processes it will likely take longer.

The blog didn’t detail specific changes and fixes to be introduced in the patch, but we do have a good idea of what to expect. For starters, the game will see improved polish, stability, weapons balancing, enhanced squad control functionality, UI tweaks, “feature” enhancements and the removal of mouse acceleration for the PC version.

EA also briefly touched on the situation with cheaters, saying that they are continuing to “analyze data to identify and hold accountable (ban, wipe stats) players that cheat or boost.”

The post didn’t mention it, but there was word directly from DICE’s Alan Kertz earlier this month that tactical lights will be getting nerfed to be less effective at longer rangers. There was also word that DICE was looking into ways to get jets in line more with helicopters, but it isn’t clear if any sort of changes to jets will be included in the first patch.

Source: EA