First Skyrim patch due out after Thanksgiving

If you’ve spent any amount of time with Skyrim so far, you’ve probably noticed at least one bug in your travels. Okay, so that’s probably putting it a bit too lightly – chances are, you’ve noticed several bugs.

Fortunately, you won’t be having to wait very long to see the first round of bug fixes. Bethesda’s Pete Hines took to Twitter earlier today to announce that a patch for Skyrim is inbound, and it could be out by the week after Thanksgiving (which is next week).

Hines didn’t provide so much as a hint on what sort of fixes we can expect out of the patch, but he did say that Bethesda is aiming to squash as many bugs as they can with the patch.

“We are continuing to work on an update for all platforms to address any bugs and [performance] issues we can.” he said. “We will fix as much as we can for your platform. I don’t know if it will fix ‘your’ bug. Takes a while to test/fix/regress. Hang in there.”

Hines went on to say that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 patches have entered into certification and, as previously mentioned, the hope is to have them out in about two weeks time. A patch for the PC version of Skyrim is due out as well at around the same time.

Bethesda will likely share more information as the patch nears release, so sit tight for more information.