Mom Dies After Eating Cookie Dough: Mom Suffered ‘Agonizing Death’ After She Ate Raw Cookie Dough And Got E Coli

A mom dies after eating cookie dough and contracting E coli, and her son is speaking out about the incident that changed his life forever. According to ABC News, Linda Rivera died in the summer of 2013, as a result of E coli poisoning from eating just a couple of spoonfuls of prepackaged raw cookie dough four years ago. Of course this is frightening to even hear about because it is something that a lot of people do or have done in the past.

“First, her kidneys stopped functioning and she went into septic shock. Over the years, she became sicker as more organs failed and she was in and out of the hospital for operations. There were moments of hope — and of despair. She fought very hard. We knew she didn’t want to give up,” recalled Rivera’s son Richard Simpson.

The mom who died after eating raw cookie dough fought a tough battle. While she always remained positive, she had complication after complication, and couldn’t right herself after the bacteria entered her body.

“Eventually, her body just couldn’t take it. She was probably the most severely injured E. coli victim I have ever seen. She suffered brain injury. She had quite a large section of her large intestines removed. She suffered so many infections while hospitalized it was incredible. She was on a ventilator for several months in a coma. She was a very sick lady,” said Rivera’s friend Bill Marler, who also happens to be an attorney.

The mom who died after eating the tainted cookie dough filed a lawsuit against Nestle before she passed away, and was represented by Marler. The company reportedly manufactured the contaminated cookie dough in 2009.

Nestle recalled 3.6 million products from stores that year. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Nestle also laid off several workers from the factory where the contaminated cookie dough was produced. The company released a statement following the implications.

“The fact that our product was implicated in Linda Rivera’s 2009 illness and tragic passing was obviously of grave concern to all of us at Nestle. Since then, we have implemented more stringent testing and inspection of raw materials and finished product to ensure the product meets our high quality standards. In addition, we have switched to using heat-treated flour to further enhance safety. We continue to emphasize that the cookie dough should be consumed only after baking and not eaten raw.”

According to The Hornet, the lawsuit is still going on. Rivera’s son testified in court on Thursday, which has brought this case back into the public eye. The family is asking the FDA for “stricter regulations” when it comes to prepackaged items that could contain bacteria. It is presumed that they are seeking monetary damages as well.

[Photo courtesy of The Frisky]