Here’s your first look at Minecraft running on Xbox 360

When most developers reveal footage of their game for the first time, the video usually follows a pretty standard formula. You show the game, you possibly throw in a few details about the game by way of text or narration, and you’ve got yourself a good old fashioned gameplay trailer.

Mojang, being the lovable band of rebels that they are, decided to do something a little different for the gameplay reveal of Minecraft on the Xbox 360. Something.. special. One might even call it “awesome”, and one would be right in doing so.

Rather than telling you what to expect out of this video, I think you need to just see it for yourself. If you absolutely need convincing that the video’s worth your time, well, there’s footage of Minecraft on Xbox 360 sandwiched between a whole bunch of silliness from Mojang. Sound good? Great! Get to watching, then.

Minecraft is due out on Xbox 360 as a digital release in Spring 2012. The retail version of Minecraft was released on the PC today.