‘Sex And The City’ To Return To Television?

Is Sex and the City coming back to television? It might seem like a farfetched idea since the series went off the air back in 2004, but it may not be. Creator Michael Patrick King spoke about the viability the series still has today and what that might mean for the future.

During an interview with E!, the Sex and the City creator had this to say. “The mere fact that it is still so alive — and not just on the gym TV’s, not just on the Precor, but that people are still wondering about these girls — you never know.”

King continued, “It could come back at some point. All bets are off.”

This isn’t the first time Sex and the City has made headlines recently. Mr. Big himself, played by Chris Noth, made some pretty controversial comments about what he thinks of the fictional character Carrie Bradshaw.

At the time he joked, “The relationship just didn’t work, and he [Mr. Big] went on to get married while she went on to—how many boyfriends did she have? She was such a whore!”

Aside from that, he wondered if it would be possible to reinvent the show. The actor didn’t seem to think so given the kind of shows we have today.

“You’ve got Girls now, which is much tougher and more realistic….I’m not sure there’d be an appetite for it?” he mused. “It’s kind of had its day. He’d [Sex and the City writer Michael Patrick King] have to be really smart to make it relevant. I mean, we’re all getting older…What would it be? ‘Carrie, goddamnit, my bladder!'”

So far Sex and the City has lived on with two films, and fans were hoping that a third one would be in the cards. Some people are shocked that their trilogy prayers may be answered down the road as something completely different.

Here’s what a few fans think about the news.

@harpersbazaarus OMG YES PLS

— who cares (@PrincessReaa) November 14, 2014

[Image via HBO Films]