‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’ Remake Almost Finished


A remake of Raiders Of The Lost Ark has finally been finished after a 33-year production.

Christopher Strompolos and Eric Zala were such devout fans of Steven Spielberg’s original 1981 action adventure that they decided to recreate the film shot for shot. This process took the childhood friends eight years to complete. However they never did get one integral scene. Indiana Jones’ brutal fistfight with a Nazi mechanic that results in a jet exploding.

You can check out a muted version of Indy’s famous fight below.

Strompolos and Zala weren’t able to either get their hands on the funds or the plane to complete their impressive effort. And so, after 96 months of hard work and effort, they decided to put their recreation of Raiders Of The Lost Ark on the back-burner.

However, after they wrote a book detailing their efforts to complete the film, entitled Raider! The Story Of The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made, they started to get more and more attention. According to Comic Book, this resulted in their book being bought and optioned for a cinematic release, while a documentary that revolved around their efforts was also shot.

In fact, without the documentary Strompolos, who played Harrison Ford’s Indy in their film, and Zala, who directed, wouldn’t have been able to finally finish their cinematic endeavor. It was decided that the documentary needed to have a grand finale. So those behind it looked into getting the funding together so that the pair could shoot the scene that they’d missed out on.

This culminated in a Kickstarter campaign which, lo and behold, actually worked and allowed them to build their Raiders Of The Lost Arkplane. They then got the entire cast of the original back together and filmed the last scene. This included blowing up the plane that it had taken so long for the pair to get their hands on. They now just need to edit it together.

Christopher Strompolos and Eric Zala have now been discussing their endeavors with LA Weekly. Strompolos admitted that when the pair originally started out on their project they wanted to be taken really seriously.

“We didn’t want it to look cute, we didn’t want it to be ‘Aw, that’s adorable,’ We wanted it to be good.”

Having now almost completed their own incarnation of the beloved blockbuster the pair can finally rest easy. Fingers crossed that Zala will now recreate Jaws, with Strompolos playing the shark.

[Image via The Movie Theme Song]