IPhone 5c: This Model Is Still Relevant Near The Holidays As A Free Upgrade

With the rush of interest in Black Friday sales and the most recent iPhone models, it seems understandable why the entry-level iPhone 5c hasn’t been in the limelight. However, the iPhone 5c shouldn’t be overlooked this holiday season with its $0 price point with a two-year cellular contract, especially if a family member, friend, or other gift recipient doesn’t need the most cutting-edge technology. The iPhone 5c could be the perfect introduction to iOS devices for new Apple smartphone users or a cheap way to replace an older generation iPhone.

So what do you get with an iPhone 5c? The guts of this phone are nearly identical to the iPhone 5 model, according to tech specs published by Apple. Both phones have the same Retina display screen specs, Bluetooth capabilities, Wi-Fi standards, A6 processing chip, iSight camera, and FaceTime camera. The iPhone 5c comes with a slightly better battery than the older iPhone 5, giving you 10 hours of 3G talk time instead of the iPhone 5’s 8 hours of talk time. The iPhone 5c only comes with 8 GB of built-in storage, which could be problematic for mobile users that need lots of space.

The bright plastic shell casing sets the iPhone 5c apart from the rest of the iPhone models sold by Apple. This model was announced at the same time as the iPhone 5s during Apple’s September 2013 media event, with a significantly lower on-contract price point than previous generations ($99 for a 16 GB model back then). Apple also released a line of polka-dotted silicone and microfiber cases for the iPhone 5c, which allows the iPhone 5c’s colors to pop in contract with the case.

The iPhone 5c could be an affordable holiday purchase so long as the recipient is eligible for a two-year phone upgrade, allowing you to get the iPhone 5c for free at Apple Stores. Without the cellular subsidy, the cost of a contract-free or unlocked iPhone 5c shoots up to $450, according to Apple’s iPhone 5c product page. But this is still cheaper than Apple’s other contract-free models. Prospective iPhone 5c buyers should also note that Apple only sells the entry-level model in the 8 GB configuration, which can leave little space for music, videos, apps, photos, and other content. The iPhone 5c could be a good fit for a gift-recipient who doesn’t need a whole lot of storage space or cutting-edge iPhone hardware features.

Image credit: Cropped version of photo found on Kārlis Dambrāns’ Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0