Pink Floyd To Reunite? Nick Mason Says ‘Yes,’ With A Catch

Pink Floyd Reunion

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason sure has been vocal in recent weeks. After guitarist David Gilmour announced to the world that the band’s recent release, The Endless River, would be its last, and would represent the “end of Pink Floyd,” Mason came back with a glimmer of hope for long time fans of the band. The drummer stated that the band could actually still go on in one form or another. Now, Nick Mason has come out declaring that not only could the band still release material, but if the circumstances are right, Pink Floyd would reunite on stage.

As originally reported by the Associated Press and shared by the, Mason gave an interview where he mentioned the possibility of an on-stage reunion with bandmates Roger Waters and David Gilmour. Original keyboardist Richard Wright passed away in 2008 after a lengthy battle with cancer. What could bring the surviving members of Pink Floyd back together?

“I would do something for a real cause of charity, something similar to Live 8.”

Roger Waters joined Pink Floyd for a five song set in the summer of 2005 for the Live 8 event. It was the first time that the embattled creative force behind Pink Floyd’s best works rejoined his one-time mates since 1985, when he effectively left the band–and the name–and went on to a solo career. It was the last time that all four members would play together, as Wright passed away three years later.

During Roger Waters successful The Wall tour in 2010-11, Gilmour and Mason joined the bassist on stage for one show in London in 2011, and fans went understandably crazy for the historic reunion, as evidenced by this video.

For the remaining members of Pink Floyd to come back together, it would need to be an event type of show, one that supports charities close to their hearts.

All of this new Pink Floyd news surrounds the release of The Endless River, which hit stores on November 10, and opened up number one on the Billboard Hot 100 music charts, the first time in 20 years that a Pink Floyd album has achieved that feat, according to a story on the Inquisitr. Reviews of the new record have been mixed (there are 18 flowing tracks, but only one with lyrics), but fans are still glad that the band has put out something new.

Pink Floyd–the band–may not yet be ready to sail on that “endless river,” and if the right circumstances were to come together, the world could see them playing live on stage again one day. Now, that is music to fans’ ears.

Do you think Pink Floyd will ever reunite on stage? What would you pay to see that live? Sound off in the comments below.

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