Pig Eats Toddler: Mother Pig Mauls, Kills, And Eats 2-Year-Old Boy

It’s bad enough when you hear about children in the news getting mauled and killed by dogs, but to hear that a pig eats a toddler is hard to wrap one’s mind around. This kind of thing happened in China, when an unsuspecting 2-year-old boy accidentally crawled into a pen where a mother pig was taking care of her piglets. The situation soon turned terribly tragic.

The Daily Mail reports that the incident happened at the child’s home in eastern China’s Jiangsu Province. Wei Tsao’s parents went inside for a few minutes, leaving him alone to play in the garden. Not long after they were inside, they heard their son’s screams. They immediately went out, only to run into a gruesome sight. When they showed up, they saw the pig chewing on a portion of the boy’s head. It was too late to save Keke (as Wei was affectionately known as). The pig had mauled and killed the child swiftly while trying to protect her piglets.

Villagers rushed to the scene, tied up the sow, and killed her to retrieve stomach contents. Fragments of the child’s skull and some of his hair were in the digestive system. The boy’s father showed authorities the upsetting evidence to prove the pig killed his son.

Typically, sows aren’t the ones known to attack and kill a human being — let alone eat them. This pig in China was in defensive mode for her piglets, and innocent Keke accidentally made his way into her pen and she found him to be a threat.

An authority in China said this kind of behavior from a mother pig is uncommon, but they can become increasingly aggressive when they feel their young is threatened.

In the U.S. and worldwide, wild boars are known to be extremely deadly if provoked or motivated enough. According to Extension, in the U.S. there have only been four fatal attacks on humans from wild boars since the 1800s. The information contained on the website notes that given the opportunity, the boars would opt to flee humans instead of attacking them. When hogs do attack humans, it’s often mauling or minor injuries resulting from it.

As the Inquisitr has reported on numerous times, several dog attacks and even bear attacks often strike humans. This story is about a woman who went hiking and was killed by a bear just because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The news of a pig eating a toddler is disturbing and a nightmare for the parents.

[Image via Opposing Views]