Janina Kolkiewicz: Dead Woman Wakes Up In Morgue 11 Hours Later, Asks For Hot Tea!

Relatives of a 91-Year-old Polish woman are still in a state of shock after the woman who was declared dead by a doctor woke up in a morgue several hours later. According to CBC News, the woman, who has been identified as Janina Kolkiewicz, lived in the eastern Polish town of Ostrow Lubelski. The woman was pronounced dead by a local physician identified as Dr. Wieslawa C. after she was called in by the woman’s relatives when they discovered that she was not breathing.

The doctor, who is now being blamed for an improper diagnosis, maintains that she had checked all vital signs of the woman before coming to the conclusion that Janina was dead. In an interview to TVN24 television on Friday, she claimed that she was pretty sure that Janina was dead. She found “no basic life functions” in the elderly woman’s body after she was called to the house of the woman on November 6. According to the doctor, she had checked for a pulse on the woman’s forearm and neck arteries, listened for a heartbeat and the sound of breathing, and checked the pupils for reaction to light – and all the symptoms (or the lack of any) showed that the woman was dead. She adds that if she had any doubts regarding the fact that Janina was not dead, she would have called for an ambulance to have an electrocardiogram done. She maintains that Janina Kolkiewicz was indeed dead.

“If I had had doubts, I would have called the ambulance, done an electrocardiogram, but I was sure that the patient is dead,” the doctor maintains.

After Janina was pronounced dead, her body was taken to the morgue where it was kept, reports BBC News. Nearly 11 hours later, shortly before midnight, an undertaker who opened the cold storage facility to bring in another body was shocked to find movement inside the bag in which Janina’s body was kept. Sensing trouble, he immediately opened it – only to find Janina in fine health. The first thing she asked after getting up was a cup of hot tea, as it was too cold inside the freezer. Authorities were informed about the bizarre incident and Janina was transported back to her mourning relatives’ home – who could not believe what had happened

Meanwhile, local authorities are investigating of the doctor had made an inaccurate death diagnosis. A death certificate was issued by local authorities hours after Janina was declared dead. A court is being now asked to void the certificate so that she can continue receiving her pension benefits. As of now, Janina Kolkiewicz is legally dead – but alive and well in reality!

She is lucky to have escaped alive from the morgue, though. The Inquistr had in the past reported about a similar case wherein an elderly woman allegedly lost her life trying to escape from a morgue.

[Image Via Diariola Provinciasj]