Bryce Cazier Busted For Meth Lab In Dorm: Attorney Denies Find, Client Making ‘Organic Soap’?

Meth lab in dorm

Bryce Cazier was busted for running a meth lab in his dorm at Brigham Young University in Utah. According to the New York Daily News, Cazier, 21, was arrested after other students called police. They said they found “suspicious-looking equipment” and chemicals in his room at school. Police described the equipment as similar to that used by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman on the popular AMC show, Breaking Bad. Despite the obvious conclusion, Cazier’s attorney said his client used the materials and equipment to make “organic soaps.”

“Nothing could be further from the truth. He makes organic soaps. He does herbal extracts. He’s kind of into the organic chemistry thing. It would be the Mormon equivalent of brewing your own beer,” attorney Jere Reneer said.

Bryce Cazier was accused of running a meth lab in his dorm, and a drug investigation was launched. A blender with a “white powdery substance” was found, as were “empty blister packs of nasal decongestant,” which could have been used to make meth. Despite the findings, Cazier’s attorney maintains that his client is innocent.

“Bryce is a kid, clearly upon talking to him, into making stuff, chemistry, kind of an erector set kind of thing. ‘I load my own bullets, tie my own flies.’ He’s kind of into that process,” Reneer continued.

According to the Deseret News, police aren’t buying the story.

“What gives this away that it was a meth lab is the fact it’s a meth lab,” said Provo Police Sgt. Brandon Post.

Cazier is in jail, and did not post the $50,000 bail as of the time of this report.

Bryce Cazier’s alleged dorm meth lab was going on for an unknown amount of time. Apparently, other students living in the dorm noticed his strange behavior, but never really gave it too much thought. It is unknown if police are questioning anyone else in the case, or if Cazier was working alone.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a meth lab in a Walmart parking lot was broken up by police in Tennessee back in April. Apparently, there were a couple of people shoplifting items such as batteries from the store, and police sent out a K-9 unit to uncover the makeshift lab, which was being run out of someone’s car. It seems as though more and more of these labs are being created after Breaking Bad became so popular.

[Photo courtesy of Jaren Wilkey via Wikimedia Commons]