Utah Trucker Charged With Keeping Six Sex Slaves And Forcibly Altering The Appearance Of The Women

Timothy Jay Vafeades,

Utah trucker Timothy Jay Vafeades, 54, has been accused of abducting six women and turning them into sex slaves during the past two decades. Vafeades traveled the United States in his semi-truck and allegedly lured women to his truck and ultimately altered their appearance by force – even going so far as to grind down their teeth.

Timothy Vafeades faced sex slave charges earlier this year, as reported by the Inquisitr, but on Monday the charges pertaining to additional women were filed in federal court. The women were allegedly held captive for months inside the Utah trucker’s tractor-trailer.

The Utah trucker reportedly met one of his sex slave captives when he was a hospice patient. The pair ultimately married. The wife later claimed Vafeades assaulted her after she agreed to move to Utah with him. According to the woman, the physical abuse continued for approximately six months until she eventually escaped.

Vafeades is also accused of holding another woman captive that he met in 2005. According to court documents, the Utah trucker met the woman while she worked at a retail establishment. He allegedly invited her to join him on a truck excursion which would last for more than one week. The trucker is accused of keeping the woman captive for at least three months, until she too escaped.

Two more sex slave charges stem from encounters between Timothy Vafeades and women he met online and on a college campus. Due to statute of limitations guidelines, Vafeades will not be charged in relation to all of the allegations levied against him by the women who have recently come forward.

Utah prosecutors plant to introduce the alleged sex slave abductions which cannot be prosecuted as evidence of a pattern in the pending case. In March, the United States Attorney’s Office in Utah told the media that the trucker had kidnapped and repeatedly raped two teenage girls. Vafeades has pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of transporting for illegal sexual activity, kidnapping, and possession of child pornography.

The Utah trucker’s attorney, Vanessa Ramos, declined to comment when asked about the new kidnapping and sex slave accusations levied against her client. Ramos has already filed a motion to suppress evidence found inside Vafeades’s tractor-trailer after he was arrested in Minnesota.

Utah prosecutors reportedly that the circumstances surrounding the alleged abductions and repeated sexual assault detailed by the latest women to come forward are similar to the statements made by other alleged victims and show both planning and intent by the truck driver.

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