Bottoms Up! Study Says Beer Is Good For The Heart

It’s a good day to be a fan of beer. Researchers have recently compiled the findings of 16 different beer drinking studies to determine that drinking the wonderful ale can help reduce the risk of heart disease by a significant amount.

Studying 200,000 participants the study found that beer drinkers were 31% less likely to develop heart disease, similar to findings that show glass-a-day wine drinkers on average have healthier hearts.

Reported in LiveScience the study doesn’t suggest drinking a ton of beer each day, in fact too much of a “good thing” as the saying goes isn’t always the best approach. In fact heavy beer drinkers actually increase the chance of heart disease.

According to researchers beer, much like wine, is capable of boosting a persons HDL (good cholesterol) count which helps fend off heart disease.

As one researcher says:

“You’re kind of walking a tightrope, if you will, with alcohol,” she says. “Once you go beyond moderation, you’re potentially going to experience negative health effects.”

Researchers say beer may even have another effect that wine doesn’t offer, because it contains more water and some people feel “bloated” after drinking it, it’s often a drunk in more moderation.

You can find the entire study in the Nov. 15 online edition of the European Journal of Epidemiology.

Do you believe that a beer a day keeps the cardiologist away?

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