Yaslen Clemente Spotlights Sculpted Body & Alluring Assets In Scarlet Bikini Set

Fitness influencer and model Yaslen Clemente updated her popular Instagram feed on Sunday evening with another in a long line of sexy reels. In her latest full-motion update, the shapely 23-year-old posed provocatively for the camera while sporting a scarlet-colored bikini set that covered little beyond her NSFW areas.

In doing so, the Miami, Florida product flaunted her famously perky assets and taut, gym-honed abs and limbs for her 2.4 million followers to enjoy.

Clemente used the post to advertise an energy drink that is ubiquitous on social media, espousing it as one of the "great things life has to offer." Meanwhile, her admirers seemingly held the same opinion about the model herself, descending upon the comments section to publicly swoon over the alluring offering.

"You have a touch more wild and sweeter than that drink," stated one comment, which was translated from Spanish to English via Google.

"Wow," raved a second supporter. "You heavenly beauty [fire emoji]."

"Pure perfection omg," wrote a third fan of Clemente's form.

"Stunning," deadpanned fellow model and alleged papal favorite Natalia Garibotto.

Just 30 minutes after Clemente's update had appeared on her timeline, it had already racked up nearly 9,000 views.

The clip began with a slow-motion shot of Clemente running her hands through her curly hair on both sides as she looked downward. After a few beats, she focused her eyes directly on the camera's lens with a suggestive expression on her face.

That was followed by three relatively quick cuts of Clemente in action. First, she was shown from behind as she whipped her hair back and began to gaze at the camera from over her left shoulder. Next, she was shown standing outside a gate to a pool, shifting her hips from side to side while pulling at her bikini bottom. Finally, Clemente was captured walking with a hand resting on her hip.

Her medium-length hair was noticeably dark on top with bleached blond ends that tickled her shoulders. Meanwhile, her gym-honed physique was adorned with a stringy top with triangular breast cups and a thong bottom that hung on her voluptuous hips.

After a quick capture of the energy drink was shown, the montage continued with shots of Clemente sampling the beverage, showing front and backside views of her bodacious body and playing with her wild mane as she posed. Just before the video reached its loop point, she blew a kiss toward the device that was documenting her.

Earlier in the week, Clemente had impressed with a photo post in which she snapped herself in a scanty top and lacy panties.