NYC Model Naked From The Waist Down Walks Around Manhattan And Nobody Notices [Video]

model pranksters

Model Leah Jung walked around NYC naked from the waist down and nobody noticed. Jung was participating in a social experiment organized by Model Pranksters. The New York City model was naked from the waist down, but body art experts painted realistic-looking jeans onto her body.

A recording of the half-naked model walking around Midtown Manhattan became a viral video earlier this week. Model Pranksters wanted to determine how observant the residents of NYC are, and enlisted the help of Leah Jung to complete their project. Jung was filmed the entire time she walked around NYC to gauge the reaction of passersby. She took a ride on the subway, walked down several busy streets, ordered lunch at McDonald’s, and bent over to use an ATM machine.

One video clip of the naked from the waist down model showed Jung casually going to a set of steps nearly filled with sitting residents and tourists, in Times Square – her lack of clothing did not turn a single head. The Body of Art experts enlisted by Model Pranksters apparently did a very good job of painting a realist-looking pair of jeans onto Leah Jung’s body. The artists painted stitching lines and a zipper-fly with a buckle on their living and moving art display. The viral video garnered about one million viewers in a single day and continues to acquire even more views.

Perhaps one of the most surprising clips from the video of the New York City model walking half-naked around Midtown Manhattan, occurred at a Forever 21 store. Leah Jung asked a clerk where she could find the same “jeans” that she was wearing. The Forever 21 staffer looked at Jung’s “pants” and then told her to check the downstairs section of the store.

One man did take notice of the nearly naked model. He quickly took out his camera and snapped a photo of Leah Jung’s buttocks when she was refilling her Metrocard.

What do you think about the viral video of the New York City model walking around naked from the waist down and barely getting noticed?

[Image via: Daily Mail]