Man Sexually Molested In Hospital Bed Films Attack [Graphic Video]

A sexually molested male patient has released the shocking video of an emergency room technician allegedly taking advantage of him while he was in his hospital bed.

The patient, who did not wish to reveal his identity but whom the New York Daily News reveals as being a 38-year-old male, claimed that he went in to Palm Springs Hospital in Hialeah with back pain. While under the influence of medication, he alleges that ER tech Rene Martinez sexually assaulted him while he lay in his hospital bed.

The experience “shook” the patient, prompting him to set up a cellphone video sting in case the incident happened again. In the video that you are about to see below, the ER tech who is identified as Martinez, fondles the man’s genitals.

“He put his hand on my boxers,” the patient said Tuesday. “He grabbed my private part, and he started playing with it and squeezing it.”

The patient waited two weeks before reporting the incident because he said he was shaken and “scared.”

“He was saying I could make money from one of his friends by showing my private parts,” the man added.

Jeffrey Herman, the patient’s lawyer, tells NBC Miami that the incident was definitely “bizarre.”

“We also believe this is not the first time,” Herman added. “The violations are ongoing.”

The 53-year-old Martinez plans on fighting the charges, his attorneys claim.

“We are going to fight this,” attorney Sabino Jauregui said. “The video doesn’t tell the whole story. The victim is a convicted felon who has been arrested 15 times. We believe the action might have been consensual.”

(Note: As of this post, those previous arrests that Martinez’ attorney is referring to have not been confirmed.)

Palm Springs Hospital said that it has not received notice of the civil lawsuit at this time and cannot comment on the allegations. It was not clear on Friday whether Rene Martinez was still employed with the hospital.

Even if the claimant was not sexually molested and the act was consensual, it is still what many would consider to be an inappropriate act while on the job, so it’s possible that Martinez could lose his job even if he is cleared of criminal wrongdoing.

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Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the Inquisitr has reported on a sexually molested patient this year. In May, a 15-year-old girl was sexually molested in her hospital bed, but the hospital contended that it was her own fault.

In the case of the Hialeah man, do you think the ER tech should be charged with a felony?