Pro-Vaccine Doctors Admit Vaccines Not Effective Until 12 Months? Early Vaccines Used ‘To Train’ Parents

Autism vaccine study

Audio from a medical conference surfaces that features a PhD immunologist and vaccine proponent. In the audio, you hear the immunologist admitting that babies are only given shots up to age one in order to “train the parents” to get their children into the medical system, and that the vaccines are completely worthless.

Though the video is from a notoriously anti-vaccine site, Prison Planet, the audio does appear to be legitimate. The video is titled, “Shock Admission: Babies Only Vaccinated to ‘Train Parents’.” In the video you can hear not only the audio, but analysis by Paul Watson on the ramifications of this type of policy.

One of the interesting pieces of information also presented in the video is the correlation of number of vaccinations and infant mortality in the developed world. As many pro-vaccine professionals note, correlation and causation are two very separate issues. However, the correlation should be something that is absolutely researched and resolved. Why are developed countries with the highest vaccine rates also the countries with the highest infant mortality rates? Sadly, Cuba even beats America in infant mortality.

The countries with lowest vaccination rates, Sweden and Japan, have the lowest infant mortality rate. These countries also practice delayed vaccination for many of the diseases that Americans vaccinate for in the early months. If vaccination programs are truly designed to “train parents” into getting into the medical system early so that they don’t forego the highly important one-year checkup, does the positive outweigh the negative?

What do you think? If the report is accurate, would the benefits outweigh the risks?